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whiskey bottles and brand new cars

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[21 Aug 2007|09:03pm]
I have a crush on Taylor Swift.
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[11 Jul 2007|10:22pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So, I finally caught Crazy/Beautiful. It was on Encore tonight.
Absolutely loved it.
Its one of those movies that makes me remember how inebriated my head was before Mikel came along and saved me.

Definitely one of Kirsten Dunst best performances.

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Come on Come on [12 May 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

I feel better.
I just took a long hot bath, no bubbles of course. I dont deserve bubbles tonight.

I did however combust my lungs in the loud singing of the awful Janis country cover of "a piece of my heart"
Dont tell anyone, but it made me feel a lot better.

"That which kills us makes us stronger" Ive heard, and frankly I think it just makes me act like a bigger cunt.

Im not upset over what Im losing persay, because to be honest with you Ive had a gut feeling it would never be mine to begin with.
Im upset because I once again have an overwhelming fear that everyone is giving up on me. It seems I amthe one worth leaving. Im the only one in the world who still think I can do anything. Who still thinks Im worth a risk.

Its your loss Michael Gordan McFadden.

For example,when you make a delicous batch of cookies. There are always a couple that just dont look quite right. A little off but we all know we still eat the runts of the batch and you know what, they taste quite yummy.
Well we can say that Im the runt of the batch, Im not perfect but you should still love me and want me anyway.
I have an annoying flaw, you think you dont? Hah. guess again big boy.

You have your father tell you at age 13 hes going to kill himself that night and well see if you have any permanent damage.

The mind is a beautiful thing, but it seems to be in a giant game of lazer tag with my emotions right now. and its winning 10 to 0.

Im okay right now but Ill probably have to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning puffy eyed, unshowered, in my Doors t-shirt ready to kick anyones ass who gets in my face.

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more crackers please! More crackers please! [05 May 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | shocked ]

Ill be honest, Im a horror movie freak.
If we had a scary movie convention here- Id so be there.
A movie freak in general- Im the one youd see in drag going to the showing of "The Rock Horror Picture Show" at the theatre.

But the point is, they dont scare me, I love them.
Well, I just got done watching the Candyman 2 with Erica and I can honestly Im too scared to go take a bath.
Tonight will be a night of falling asleep with the tv on watching reruns of Roseanne..


Im so happy today. I have a huge grin pasted on my face. Ill probably fall asleep smiling.

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Theyll name a city after us [19 Apr 2005|03:24pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So, I gave Jennifer at Dollar General a copy of my GED and such and she thinks that it might make a different on how many hours I can work. Thank god, Ive got my fingers crossed.

Ive been pushing a lot of people away lately, and I really dont even care.

what a lame update.

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[26 Mar 2005|11:59pm]
So- Erica and I saw Miss consdflkeality 2 tonight. real cute- better than the first.

I didnt even realize tomorrow was Easter until Michael pointed it out on the phone earlier I will be working all day tomorrow. just easter who cares.

Felt good to get out of the house, Ive been being a total lameass emo spaz since I got home from work.

Need to start saving for PA and Branson. Plussssss Im going to see the Dresden Dolls in May and get to see Grego :). I wish Kelly could come with though boooo. :(

haha god everyone go look at my last entry and read the mysterious "anonymous" comment. God has everyone around here turned into like 14 year olds or something? Im assuming its Jordan because of the "XXX" but the kid hasnt crossed my mind since I was like..15. So if it is I have no idea what the fuck the spaz is talking about. whatevv

I wish everyone could have seen the chaos that was Dollar Junction today. insanee
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[25 Mar 2005|08:24pm]
Maybe this was a big mistake..
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[23 Mar 2005|08:54pm]
My brother showed me all his new songs tonight and they were so amazing. just..beautiful.
Hes such a good lyricist, Im jealous.
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[19 Mar 2005|03:16pm]
Today was a fun day
-picked up cass and shyla.
-got some fooood
-went tanning.

So I smell like coconuts and now Im going to Ericas little sisters basketball game and then...


Jelous? as you should be.<3
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[17 Mar 2005|04:18pm]

As of now..I am no longer eating meat. Ive never understood what Ryan meant but supporting the industry until I watched this video. The ending was the worst. Honestly- not more meat. thats disgusting.
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[13 Mar 2005|11:38pm]

Best site everrrrrrr
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[10 Mar 2005|08:48pm]
Your all jealous because Stayseated called me and didnt call youuuu <3
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[10 Mar 2005|03:03pm]
Hey Jude..dont make it bad, take a sad song and make it better...

Its so a Beatles day. *sigh*.
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[09 Mar 2005|03:52pm]
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[07 Mar 2005|10:42pm]
Sorry for the size but its time for the hotness that is Kelly and Stacey:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Read more...Collapse )
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[29 Jan 2005|11:34pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]


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[29 Jan 2005|09:52pm]
I drove home tonight and was stuck next to an accident...i saw a body laying feet from a car, a kids shoe and shirt strewn about the highway.
Vehical vs. pedestrian.

Tears were shed, a very overwhelming thing to see.

i cant believe tonys home...shit.

i miss you Kelly Im call you this weekend Im so sorry.
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[14 Jan 2005|03:53pm]
Michael Mcfadden: Please do not call, IM, or any other form of speaking with me, ever again. Im not goingto be your internet girlfriend because your too cowardly to introduce me into your reality. kthx bye.

Im a sick panda oh boo.
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[03 Jan 2005|07:00pm]
I should probably make a long entry about how amazing last week was but Im being Kalib-emo and Kelly did a great job summing it up on her entry <3 I miss you too, totally cried till you took off. </3 I got my belly button pierced because Im amazing. oh yah, im never drinking again, for real. Im giving the rest of my alcohol awaaaay.boooo
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[28 Dec 2004|06:36pm]
Um like so me and Kelly are like the most amazing girls ever and were sitting here about to go to taco bell for her first Taco Bell experience.

god we rock.
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